Monday, January 19, 2009

what ifs

Last week, I realized there is nothing concrete in this world. My company laid off almost 400 employees due to the current economy. Never did I imagine that a Registered Nurse, an occupation in such high demand, could be let go because of current conditions. Luckily, my job is intact, but I can't help but feel sad for those who were not so lucky. I immediately feel dispensable, and that is a scary thought! But at the same time, I feel fortunate to have my education. Regardless of the turn of events, I always have my knowledge to fall on no matter what life's circumstances bring my way.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our little boys

Here is our silly little man Wyatt who has an odd fetish for anything made out of wood. And he wonders why his tummy hurts!!

And here we have the newest member of our family, Virgil. He is quite a bit smaller than Wyatt was when we got him. I suppose he will be the petite brother.

They're both German Shorthaired Pointers, and they both come with a ton of ENERGY! Not for the weak! haha

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Years Res

So I have decided on my New Years Resolution. Well, I suppose it is more of a few resolutions.
-1: I want to become a runner. Now by runner I don't mean marathon runner. I mean being able to run a distance longer than 2miles and not be winded after 10 minutes. To achieve this goal I plan to become a crazy dog lady. I have begun reading dog books, i.e. the loved dog, and have become obsessed with anything on national geographic channel that will better acquaint me with how to raise my little boys, i.e Dog Whisperer. To also achieve this goal, I plan on becoming a hiker. I got new hiking boots for Christmas and Mark and I received a half a dozen books on local trails. We plan on doing the Grand Canyon at some point this year. I know this all sounds like the proverbial "New Years Resolution" but it's not all about getting in shape and being healthy. It's about discovering new things and doing something other than sitting on the couch, watching the Dog Whisperer all day. Wait, I do love to do that! Ha
-2: Okay, so this is no shocker...debt. I myself don't come with much, but the man I married does. I was extraordinarily lucky to have received the things I have in life. The only debt I have is some couches we bought when we moved in along with the influx of money I continue to spend on repairs for my car. I am pretty lucky to have been able to maintain my car for 10years, but at some point, we will need to break down and get a new car for me. Our plan is to take all the money from taxes we get back and pay off all the credit cards and put the rest in saving. Cross fingers!
-3: Go on a honeymoon. Mark votes Europe, I vote tropical. I would be fine with Hawaii. We'll see what happens!
-4: Plant a garden and not allow it to die. I've decided that irrigation systems are my friend. A couple non-flowering plants in seperate pots requiring a manual labor watering can is a possibilty, but I have proven that I am not quite the green thumb. I want that to change!
-5: Become more aware of current events. I don't want to be a political guru by any stretch of the imagination. But I also don't want to be unable to carry on an intelligent conversation about what is going on in the world.

Well, these are a lot of goals! I think writing them down puts on responsibility for attainment. We'll see!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Here we go!

So I've decided to break down and start doing the whole "blog thing". I have the other popular websites to take up my time, but I can stand to add something else to my busy life right? It seems like this is more of a journal than anything, a place where I can spout my frustrations and no one will talk back. And the best part of all, I can access it anywhere, including work! Shh! So here we go!