Monday, February 9, 2009

Secondwater Hike

We had such a great weekend! Me, Mark, Wyatt, mom and Uncle Nic all went hiking, but Uncle Nic failed to mention it was an all day hike before setting out! It sure was worth it though. Mom was a rockstar, for not having hiked in a very long time, she stuck it through the whole way, and didn't complain too much! The day started with Uncle Nic making some delicious omelettes to fuel us for the day. We took the Jeep and luckily remembered to put an old blanket in the back for Wyatt. Mark took the windy corners a little too sharply and Wyatt told us what he thought. That vomit was the most vile smell I've smelled in a while! We parked at the marina at Canyon Lake and set out for our hike. The first hill was pretty challenging, but was just a taste of what was to come.

We started plugging along and made it to another look out point. We could see down into the valley to where Secondwater would be. We made a unanimous decision to continue down, knowing that the steep climb down meant that much more difficulty coming back up.

This is where the fun began, hahaha! We made it down to the base of that mountain and somehow seemed to lose the trail. Mark and I apparently decided to follow some yuppy couple, girl fully donned in a spandex yoga outfit. Not quite sure what we were thinking. They led us through a replica of Boulder Canyon, about an hour in. Uncle Nic didn't recognize much, but we were all fooled by the flowing water and assumed it had to be right. We soon decided this was definitely not the right way and ecided to make our way back out. We found the right part of the trail that we should have taken, but decided that at this point, we were all too beat to keep going further in, only to add to that much more ditance to come out. We stopped at a nice little stream to let mom put her feet in the water and drink a bottle of wine and eat some bread. yum! nothing like gourmet hiking!
Now it was time to head back up that dreaded steep incline that was a pretty steep decline on our way down. It was pretty difficult, but we made it! And with smiles on our faces!

Just a little bit further and we made it out. A grand total of 6 hours of hiking! Phew! But I'm ready to do it again this weekend! I love it! So refreshing! Best line of the day by mom, "I'm never going to make it out of here. I am going to be a mountain dweller and have to live off the land!". But she made it! I'm so proud!

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  1. Hey Jess!!

    I saw your page through Elizabeth's page and thought I would check it out! Hope you don't mind! Feel free to check mine out too!! I love the pics of your "boys"!! Too cute!